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LED Screens for Rent in Sri Lanka

" LED Screens for Rent : Discover High-Quality Digital Display Solutions in Sri Lanka "

Are you also looking for a reliable supplier to hire LED screens for your event in Sri Lanka? Explore our wide range of digital offerings. We have the highest-quality screen rental options in Sri Lanka

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We will providing high-quality indoor and outdoor rental LED screens in Sri Lanka. Having served over 6,000 events, our customers praise us for the quality of our service.

We are unique in the market because we provide LED screens for rent at affordable prices, and we care more about quality.

When it comes to LED Display Rental and LED Screen Rental services, our commitment to excellence differentiates us from others since we provide superior value.

View LED Screen Photo Gallery and Choose the Right LED Screen for Your Event


View our LED screen Video Gallery and Choose the Right LED Screen for Your Event

Get advice before LED Screens for Rent

How do you choose the appropriate outdoor and indoor LED screen that suits your event?

Understanding indoor and outdoor video screens is essential before planning an event and adding a video screen. Knowing the differences between indoor and outdoor is necessary because they are used for different purposes in different situations. Please read the description below for your event and rent the LED screen that suits your event from our range of LED Screens for Rent.


Indoor LED Screen In Sri Lanka

Weddings, Exhibitions, Corporate events, Company events Or Indoor Musical show
Below are some types to choose from for indoor events P1/ P2 / P3 / P4/P5

Brightness and Resolution:

Made for indoor purposes, these video walls generally feature lower luminosity levels in comparison to outdoor wall systems because too much brightness is unnecessary inside a building. They usually have high resolutions that provide clearer and more defined images to improve close-up viewing.

Environmental Protection:

Weatherproofing features in indoor video walls are not relevant as they don’t need to withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes them mostly fragile and not meant for outdoor use.

Viewing Environment:

They are more efficient in confined spaces like conferences, exhibitions or even indoor concerts with constant lighting and temperature.


Outdoor LED Screen In Sri Lanka

Great For Outdoor Festivals, Concerts Or Outdoor Musical concerts
Below are some types to choose from for outdoor events P6/ P8 / P10 / P12

High Brightness and Durability:

The design of outdoor video walls is severely bright as required to ensure visibility in direct sunlight. They are also built using resilient materials that can withstand other adverse weather elements such as rain, wind and high temperatures.


The walls have weatherproofing improvements water proof and UV resistant to make it convenient for outdoor events, digital signage festivals.

Viewing Distance:

Mostly outdoor video walls are seen at long distance and the pixel pitch option is taken into consideration. Outdoor walls sometimes allow for a bigger pixel pitch.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Renting the Right-Sized LED Screen for Your Event

When renting LED screens for your event it is crucial to select the screen size that correctly fits with both venue and audience needs. Small screens are ideal for small events to create that lovely feeling of being together in an intimate setting, but larger gatherings need bigger screens so people can clearly see the proceedings from anywhere. Choosing the right size for LED screens for rent ensures that all participants can clearly view the content but also significantly improves your event experience.

Check Out the Photos Below and Get an idea of the Right led Screen Size for Your Event.


Below are some of the main types of events we serve

✔ Product Launches
✔ Marketing Events
✔ Virtual/Hybrid Events

✔ Fashion Runways
✔ Corporate Events
✔ Grand Openings

✔ Weddings
✔ Concert Stage
✔ Birthday Parties



Enter the future of live event production through LED screen rental. Whatever your industry transform your event into an engaging and memorable experience.

Our collection includes versatile LED video walls for indoor, outdoor, and mobile settings, ideal for various events and occasions.
Tailored by expert engineers, these screens are adaptable for events of all sizes, while ensuring affordability.

Popular for concerts/ festivals/ product unveilings/ sports events/ and conferences/ our LED walls promise to immerse and enthral your audience from start to finish.

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